Upcoming Meeting - September 16

Jane in Context

Enthusastic Austen fans in Calgary are ready to start a new year of presentations and activities. Two members will help us understand the world Jane Austen's characters inhabited with .
  • Age of Enlightenment Part II, presentation by Carole

  • How people lived in their homes, presentation by Ann

2017 - 2018 Meeting Dates

  • September 16 - Jane in Context
    The Age of Enlightenment II, presentation by Carole
    How People Lived in their Homes, presentation by Ann

  • November 18 - A Meeting of Worlds: Jane Austen and the 21st Century Reader, presentation by Paul Butler

  • January 20 - Birthday Tea

  • March 17 - The Royal Navy's ties to Halifax, presentation by Deirdre and Judith

  • May 12 - The Business in Jane
    Jane as a Businesswoman, presentation by Amber
    Estate Laws, presentation by Lindsey

Regular Meetings

For fond memories, see the report and photos of our most recent meeting.

We usually meet on the third Saturday of September, November, January, March and May. Our meetings are 2:00 - 4:00 and are held at Sunalta Community Association, 1627 10 Ave SW, a location that is wheelchair accessible.
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Calgary Gala

Tea for Jane's Birthday

Past Meetings

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