Recent Meeting 2018 September 15
Relaxation and Talk

Charivari Between Sisters: Social Discourse

Amber enlightened us all with a very interesting and entertaining discussion about the "conversations" through letters between Jane and her sister Cassandra. Amber presented a number of subjects covered by Jane and Cassandra. Dresses, the costs of washing and Jane's distinct displeasure for the chore, the making of shirts, and various other topics were made amusing by Jane's wit and way of expressing herself.

Amber showed us a number of cartoons and images that helped us to understand some of the articles referred to by Jane in her letters. Amber's careful selection of quotes from Jane's letter were excellent additions and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her recitations.

During our tea break we were surprised with some very nice homemade cookies and squares which were a real treat. Thank you to our tea volunteers!!!

Leisure and Pleasure

After our scrumptious snack, Jane presented a discussion on eisure and the various ways it has been researched. Leisure is essential to our spirits and perhaps life itself. She led us through the characteristics of "serious leisure, casual leisure, and project-based leisure". For the second half of her presentation, Jane had us split into two sides to debate whether those in the Regency era had more leisure time that those of us in modern times. The debate was entertaining and provoked a lively discussion on the matter.

Thank you Amber and Jane!

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

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  • November 24
    Orphans: Oliver with a Twist, presented by Ann
    Lord Mansfield & Emancipation of Slavery, presented by Lindsey

  • January 19 - Annual Birthday Tea

  • March 16

  • May 25

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