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November 18
A Meeting of Worlds:
Jane Austen and the 21st Century Reader

JASNA Calgary member and author Paul Butler will be leading the discussion "A Meeting of Worlds: Jane Austen and the 21st Century Reader".
At the heart of our relationship with Jane Austen lies a paradox. We want to preserve her world, not only the wit and the insight but also her values, yet we also want to make her pertinent to our own lives. Screen adaptations over the years reveal how we sometimes struggle with this. Key scenes and plots are altered from the original to make an easier match with modern concepts of morality and social justice. We will examine this process, with examples, and also talk about the post-colonial approach to fiction including The Widow’s Fire.
The annual tea in celebration of Jane's birthday will be held on 2018 January 20. Tickets are $15 each and will be available for purchase at November's meeting.

Congratulations to our new executive members!

  • Regional Coordinator - Laurie

  • Program Coordinator - Jane P

  • Meeting Refreshments - Ann, Amy, Cheryl

  • Annual Tea - Lindsey
Thanks go to all the volunteers who provide so much fun and education in our Society!

Regular Meetings

JasnaCalgary is a region of the Jane Austen Society of North America. We are all interested in everything Jane, from love of her novels to scholarly pursuits. Five times a year we meet to enjoy talks, workshops, teas, and galas. Attend a meeting and if you have fun, join in! Membership is $15.00 annually to cover our tea and cakes and other expenses.

Our meetings are 2:00 - 4:00, held at Sunalta Community Association, 1627 10 Ave SW, a location that is wheelchair accessible.
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Only a few special events require pre-paid tickets, such as the annual Tea celebrating Jane Austen's birthday and our bi-annual Gala.

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