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Time for a Laugh!

Ellyn Cardon, a senior undergraduate at Brigham Young University, is the winner of this year's JASNA Young Filmmaker Contest for her entry, Mrs. Bennet's Plan. This short spoof is worthy of Jane Austen's juvenilia.

Birthday Tea for Jane Austen
2019 January 19

We all enjoyed tea, sandwiches, and cake while conversing with friends. The "Bring and Buy" enticed many to contribute and to receive.

Queen and Quiet

Calgary's improve group The Kinkonauts created an original Jane Austen period play for tea drinkers, oddly entitled Queen and Quiet.

Sprigged Muslin

Our Regency dance group, Sprigged Muslin, demonstrated three dances and called for all to join in the Durham Reel.

New Books

JASNA 2019 Essay Contest

Annually JASNA sponsors an essay contest for students in high school, post secondary school and graduate school. The 2019 theme has been announced.

Northanger Abbey can be described as a book about books. There is, of course, the well-known "defense of the novel," but characters also discuss their reading habits, name specific novels and even consider history books. In her works, Austen often makes use of fiction, poetry or plays, either explicitly or indirectly. Explore how she does this in Northanger Abbey.

Encourage students in your life to think about the topic and write a submission. The three divisions are judged separately and anonymously. Judith has been a judge several times and would be delighted if a Calgary student were to do well.

If you are a student or teacher, print a poster for your school.

Regular Meetings

JasnaCalgary is a region of the Jane Austen Society of North America. We are all interested in everything Jane, from love of her novels to scholarly pursuits. Five times a year we meet to enjoy talks, workshops, teas, and galas. Attend a meeting and if you have fun, join in! Membership is $15.00 annually to cover our tea and cakes and other expenses.

Our meetings are 2:00 - 4:00, held at Sunalta Community Association, 1627 10 Ave SW, a location that is wheelchair accessible.
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Only a few special events require pre-paid tickets, such as the annual Tea celebrating Jane Austen's birthday.

On the Family page, members can access additional information with a password.

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