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Could robots be taught by Jane Austen?

John Mullan of the University College London recently delivered three lectures at the Jane Austen Society conference in Halifax. In an editorial in The Guardian newspaper he muses on how we are to teach robots to have finer sensibilities.

How Rich is Mr Darcy?

As a frivolous summer entertainment, delve into Could Mr Darcy afford a stately home today?, an investigation by Britain's The Telegraph newspaper.

May 13 Meeting
Becoming Enlightened

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A Charming Amusement:
Dance in the Novels and Film Adaptations of Jane Austen

"Every savage can dance" Mr. Darcy

For our final meeting of the year, Kathleen started us off with a very insightful look at dance in the novels and movies of Jane Austen. It was abundantly clear that Kathleen was speaking from a background in dance. She evaluated the dance in the movies as it may have been intended by Jane in her books.

Dance in Jane Austen's time was multi-purpose.
  • exercise

  • hobby and amusement

  • performance

  • most importantly, social mixing

There were very few opportunities for young people to mix and mingle with those of the opposite sex. Dancing provided a means of having genuine conversation, out of the earshot of one's parents.

Kathleen described the intricacies of the "contradance" and the general workings of the dance. She also went through the baffling assortment of rules, both and unwritten. She finished her discussion with a closer look at some clips of the dances from some of the Jane Austen movies. It was very interesting to have a dancer"s commentary on the dances!

The Road to Enlightenment: Places in Jane's Life
Part One

Carole took us through the social history of Jane Austen's times. The "Age of Enlightenment" took place about 70 to 80 years before Jane was born. It essentially propelled England from the medieval to modern way of life, beginning with the Enclosures Act which enclosed farms. This brought about the building of roads and towns. Each town began to develop its own flair and character. This encouraged greater travel to these places by the higher classes. Brighton, for example was transformed from a simple fishing town to a fashionable resort. Gardening, landscaping, and architecture also became far more practiced than previously. In particular, all things gothic were embraced in architecture and novels.

Jane was a direct product of these changing times. The liberality of her father in encouraging her reading and access to his entire library would previously have been unknown. This broad access to so many different styles and subjects of books no doubt played a vastly important role in Jane's intelligent and witty style.

We can't wait for Part Two in the fall!

Jane Austen
December 16, 1775 - July 18, 1817

In honour of the 200 anniversary of Jane Austen's death in Winchester, the Jane Austen Society of North America has created a Memorial Book, which can be signed online.

In Winchester, the Bank of England unveiled a new ten pound note honouring Jane Austen.

New Books in the Library

Members can borrow books for 25 cents, returning them at the next meeting. May Lee has updated the book list, and she will bring requests to the meeting. Two books were added to the library in May.
  • Tea with Jane Austen

    by Pen Vogler
    In Jane Austen's day, tea and cakes were usually served after dinner, or to evening guests, but these rolls, buns, tarts, and biscuits will be equally welcome at breakfast, with mid-morning coffee, or for an English afternoon tea.

  • Darcy Swipes Left

    by Jane Austen & Courtney Carbone
    What if Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy had smartphones and dated IRL (in real life)? A classic is reborn in this clever adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!

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